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Profile Quality in service and success means a tailor-made strategy for each case

Our firm is dedicated to quality services and success in results.
Accordingly, we are able to offer clients on-the-ground extensive resources which allowed us to work on major transactions in Lebanon as well as in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, part of America and Africa.
We can handle successfully any case litigation, complex operation and above all, issues no one else dares or wants to handle.
The key to our success lies undoubtedly in our tailor-made strategy and in the exceptional way we treat affairs.

Indeed, our name, reputation and quality service have made of Michel Tueni Law Firm one of the most prominent in Lebanon and the Middle East. Dedication to quality implies that we only work with high-skilled professionals.
We bring local depth and global breadth to bear in virtually every area of law affecting our corporate clients. Our clients benefit from outstanding counsel in such areas as banking and financial services, insurance, commercial litigation, shipping and aviation law, arbitration, bankruptcy, equipment and facility finance, legislative reform, privatization, project finance, securities, sovereign law, international trade.

We are active in all the Middle Eastern countries (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt…) through a wide range of correspondent firms and personal contacts in the business and political fields.
We value teamwork highly, whether it relates to working with client teams or to operating in teams. We aim to be open and communicative, responsive and supportive.
Our lawyers are linked by constant interactions through an electronic infrastructure that allows us to deal promptly and efficiently with the most demanding legal and business issues.
We are able to offer sophisticated legal service quickly and competently. We have been involved in transactions, litigations and arbitrations in virtually every corner of the world.
Excellence and superiority are the results of a creative, hard-working, experienced team added to an unmatched experience in the international arena.
Our high skilled team of lawyers can quickly, efficiently and with substantial knowledge of the international law complete deals, mitigate problems, obtain information, arrest and resolve complexities simultaneously in different places and across numerous dimension.

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